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Peace United is a unique community of faith that welcomes, celebrates and affirms people of every race, nationality, age, marital status, gender identity, economic status, sexual orientation and mental or physical ability.

We aren’t a typical church – we are something you can get behind. We are committed to social justice and hospitality.

Be kind.

Be decent.

Respect all.















Team opportunities – what are you passionate about?

o Welcome Crew
o Home Companion Outreach
o Wednesday Community meals

Social Action
o Channel One Food Pantry - 1st Friday of every month
o Jefferson Neighborhood School
o Providing meals at The Landing

o Giving Tree – supporting Project Legacy, Channel One, Women’s shelter,

o Coordinate themes, messages shared
o Developing alternative Wednesday eve service
o Sunday service managemen

o Learn, create, and grow
o Our version of “Sunday School/Faith Formation”
o Intergenerational approach – age appropriate

Plus so much more

Want to join a team – 

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Want a sit down opportunity to learn more about Peace? Contact Lynn Alcock


Other questions can be directed to Clare Tarr 


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out!


(  OR  507.282.6117).

Lynn Alcock, Peace Member and Teams Coordinator
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