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Your contributions help us reach as many people as possible with God’s message.



Our ministry at Peace United Church of Christ continues to grow increasingly strong and vibrant because of active and faithful leaders who are such an important part of our congregation.



Many of our members have found the convenience of using electronic giving. The most cost-effective and our preferred method is for you to use Bill Pay from your own bank.  Just list us as one of the companies you wish to pay; this lowers our processing fees substantially. 

There are three other programs available:  eGIVE, PayPal, or Text to Give.   All are extremely easy to use. Debby in our office can assist you with any questions.



Making All Things New

By combining all of our individual gifts, we can make ALL things new (our ministries, our children activities, even our building.  Please prayerfully consider consider your gift and your part in MAKING ALL THINGS NEW for 2023.



Memorials can be made to Peace United Church of Christ in any form. Memorials received of $100 or more will include a plaque on our Memorial Wall. For more information on giving a memorial, contact Pastor Paul or the Church Administrator 507.282.6117



There are plenty of advantages to making a gift to Peace United Church of Christ in your will, trust or another gift plan. Tax savings are one benefit, but more than that, you can help support our future ministries that are close to your heart.



Get reimbursed with Peace Church. Find what you need below with the reimbursement form or contact the main office for more information.

"BUILDING A BIGGER TABLE "Capital Funds Campaign

  • What is our Capital Building Campaign?
    To add a new question go to app settiWe have wrapped up two building campaigns (“Footsteps to the Future” and "Building a Bigger Table"). Through your generous gifts, we were able to pay down a significant amount of our $1.2M project to just one loan that is under $240,000.ngs and press "Manage Questions" button.
  • What is a Capital Campaign?
    A Capital Campaign is an opportunity for members and friends of Peace United Church of Christ to support major initiatives of the church over an extended time period. Gifts received through a capital campaign are not used for yearly operational expenses; instead, capital campaign gifts are used most often for construction, renovation or other major physical projects that support fulfillment of the church’s vision and ministries.
  • Why does Peace UCC need a Capital Campaign?
    Peace UCC is now one of the fastest growing congregations in the Minnesota Conference United Church of Christ. With the successful construction to make our Peace Church home more open and inviting through our previous “Footsteps to the Future” and "Building a Bigger Table" capital campaigns, we are working hard to become debt free. As part of our rich heritage, Peace United Church of Christ has stepped out in faith as a congregation and invested in our future – knowing that on our own we cannot realize this future, but trusting that God walk with us every step of the way. We have a God-focused financial and ministry-centered goal that will stretch our abilities beyond what we can see and imagine by ourselves.
  • What is the goal of this Capital Campaign?
    The Primary Goal of the current Capital Funds Campaign is debt reduction. The building expansion that has created the welcoming entry, expansive Narthex and office suit required building loans. The focus of the present Capital Funds Campaign is to pay off the remaining $240,000 owed on the remaining loan.
  • How can I support the debt reduction for Peace United Church of Christ?"
    We are asking everyone to prayerfully consider how you can help us reduce the debt created through our construction. Accomplishing this goal isn’t up to one or two or a few – it’s up to ALL OF US who believe in God’s call to our ministries and outreach with the community. We are asking everyone to ‘think outside of the box’ on ways to work together to make this happen.
  • Is my gift tax deductible?
    Yes, gifts are tax deductible if you itemize your contributions when filing your tax return. If you have questions about the tax implications of your gift, please consult your tax advisor.
  • May I make a gift other than cash?
    Besides cash, you may contribute gifts of stock, property, life insurance, and other securities. Again, consult your tax advisor regarding gifts of this type.

If you’d like to contribute to this campaign, please fill out this card and return back to the Peace Church Administrator.

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