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Growth & Study Groups

Outdoor Meditation
Meditation & Contemplation Practices Group

It can be so difficult in today's world to set aside time for spiritual practice, or to find spaces of silence where we can just be. This group is for those who are interested in learning about and practicing meditative and contemplative practices. 

During this group, typically we will begin with a brief meditation practice, about 10 minutes. Afterwards there will be a time to process the experience and discuss any insights or obstacles to our practice. Often we will share readings from various teachers and discuss them.

When: TBD - contact Winston if interested

Where: Zoom - please email Winston to RSVP

Facilitator: Winston Janusz


The Cross and the Lynching Tree Book Study

All are invited to engage in this powerful book study using James Cone’s book, The Cross and the Lynching Tree. Based on impressive research, Cone argues that the lynching tree is a viable reality/symbol for reflection on the cross of Christ. According to Cone, understandings of the cross and lynching tree can mutually inform one another and explain how events of trauma and injustice can still inspire hope for the African American community. This book will require a willingness to fully engage in the book, and to have an openness to listen, discern, and reflect. It is a challenging book for all. Meeting times will be established once all who are interested are contacted. Participants will need to purchase their own book. If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Paul.

When: TBD - contact Pastor Paul if interested

Where: Zoom

Facilitator: Rev. Paul Bauch


Enormous Africa: A Continent, Not a Country

Have you ever imagined the enormity of the continent of Africa? Many people think Africa is one small country somewhere. Actually, Africa is the second largest continent in the world. It is endowed with huge and amazing diversity raging from the cradle of the human species to extraordinary culture. Its multi-religious faith, fine arts, incredible animals, the longest river on earth and home to about 2,000 languages are of great interest. In this study group, we will have the opportunity to learn about and utilize the incredible diversity and rich culture of the continent. We will also come to know more about some of its breathtaking landscapes, natural resources that benefit the whole world, and Traditional African Religion that many indigenous people adhere to.


Let’s get together twice a month and have fun expanding our understanding not only about rich and remarkable African values, but also to see the wonders of what God is doing in Africa.

When: Begins Saturday, Nov 7 @ 6:00 - 7:00p; every other week

Where: Zoom - please email Jerry to RSVP

Facilitator: Jerry Locula


Race Forward

Race Forward endeavors to move the conversation forward on race and privilege. Everyone is welcome to attend this group as we study and examine race and racism, White supremacy, explore our blind spots and open the uncomfortable discussion of race and privilege. We will use film, book study and current media as we learn from each other on this journey.

When: 2nd & 4th Tuesdays @ 7:00-8:00p

Where: Zoom - please email Ruth to RSVP

Facilitator: Ruth Larson


Protest March Signs
Have an idea for a growth or study group?

Whether you want to facilitate a group yourself or just want to share your idea, we would love to hear from you! We are always eager to find ways we can make our community better. Reach out to our Associate Pastor Winston Janusz and tell him what you're thinking!




Or call our office: 507-282-6117

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