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Listos is Rochester’s first dual-immersion, Spanish-English preschool and childcare which opened in the fall 2015. Listos Preschool and Childcare is open to all children ages 3 to 5 years and features bilingual education and care. Listos is a Spanish word that means both smart and ready.

Listos is located in the Peace United Church of Christ building and is the fiscal agent for the non-profit preschool and childcare. Listos has a separate board of directors and has no religious curriculum.

Half-day preschool sessions are held in the morning and afternoon from September through May. Full-day childcare is available year round. Listos continues to seek contributions to provide scholarships to ensure that this high-quality learning environment will be available to all children.

The program strives to have a balance of children who speak different languages in each classroom. Instruction and care will be given in both Spanish and English by bilingual staff. In addition to learning from the teachers, children in the program can also learn language from each other.


Brain research has found that the majority of language learning happens from birth to age five. By age 12, humans begin to lose the ability to hear and say new sounds. Research has also

revealed many cognitive benefits of being bilingual such as brain growth, improved reading and listening abilities, boosted creativity and enhanced problem-solving skills. The ability to speak another language in addition to the benefits of attending a high-quality preschool and childcare will create a positive life-long impact for the children and their families.

Listos mission: To provide a unique, diverse and affordable Spanish-English preschool and childcare experience.

Visit the Listos website for more information or call 507-226-8490.